Tips for Working from Home (from More than 15 Years of Being Self-Employed)

Photo by Djurdjica Boskovic on Unsplash

Find a dedicated space in your home for doing your work.

How to Work From Your Kitchen Table When It Still Needs to be a Kitchen Table!

Use plastic containers to organize your desk tools.

Organize Your Stacks of Documents

Large Tote Bag or Box to Store Everything When Not Working

How to Work in a Shared Space

Use Headphones

Make Your Family or Housemates Aware of Your Work Space and the Importance of Leaving It Alone

How to Make the Most of a Private Dedicated Space in Your Home

Setup All The Tools You Need

Find a Good Chair

Get the Right Tools for Comfort

Set a Routine for Working to Stay Focused

Set Your Work Hours

Create a Before Work Routine

Inform Others You Are Working During Your Working Hours

Flex Your Work Schedule (If Allowed)

Leave the Work Behind at the End of the Day

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

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