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I did it — I clicked the delete button on my most popular blog entry. I hated to see the hit counts on my site dip, but it was the right thing to do.

I started blogging more seriously about a year ago. I redesigned my website, honed the focus of my blog topics, and worked on increasing my following. I got serious about my social media accounts for my blog and promoted my new posts to my target audience.

The focus of my blog is traveling, my experiences exploring the world, and my journey to fulfill the dream of living abroad by 2023. My husband and I are two years into a five year plan to develop income streams that will allow us to live where we choose. We want to see more of this world, immerse ourselves in other cultures, meet new people, and fill our days with the people, experiences, and pursuits we are passionate about. …


Lois Templin

Traveler and writer at Bitten by the writing and wanderlust bugs as a child, I am fascinated by many people and places.

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